Neodymium ball diamagnet/magnetic levitation.


This article is published under creative commons,
CC: BY-NC-SA Lukas Blersch: 19-06-2013. Archived:18-07-2014.


The archived article entertains the notion of creating a pointwise diamagnetic field by arranging sphere magnets. Attempting to utilize an analog magnetic field for magnetically levitating a sphere magnet. Using the following arrangement (fig. 1) collimator grid. The drawing shows an arrangement of 21 sphere magnets per cluster. This is to get good power and a model that can be constructed by hand without a molded exoskeleton. But any reasonable number number per cluster including 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 and > 21 are possible. Also given the method of hand constructing the magnet the orientation is sub optimal from center. And could be straight through the positive or negative line of force.  (hinting at example 1). Example 2 is purely speculative, and i'm guessing to weak to do anything worth noting.


I genuinely believe I am the first to document this concept in public.
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